Home garden ideas: how to start a garden even in the smallest space

Here are some easy-to-follow gardening tips and tricks for even tiny backyard gardens:

  1. Use raised plant beds. These mean you’ll be able to fit more in by combining them with space on the ground.
  2. Choose plants that grow vertically. This will give you more space to fit things in. Good options include pole beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
  3. Protect what you plant. In a small space it’s easier for things to get trampled on, so protect your crops with signage, netting, and no-go areas for kids or pets.
  4. Maximise sunlight. Even really small spaces will get light at some point in the day. See when and where it falls in your garden and chose crops accordingly.

Those are our favourite gardening ideas for beginners and home gardening tips. Once you know how to grow a garden and transform your space, you’ll be able to spend many happy days and evenings enjoying your own patch of the great outdoors.