Please download our your buying declaration form  HERE. then fill out form below and wait for response. For our CIPC certificicate click PRINRO CIPC CERTIFICATE

    Prinro Vredenburg Shopping hours: 

    Monday to Friday 08:00 AM to 13:00PM

    All other stores: CLOSED

    Order can be placed via: 

    email (sales@prinro.co.za) or you can email any of our representatives .

    Telephone: Prinro Vredenburg Telephone number: 022-7151426 Switch Board

    Online ordering. If you have a Prinro Deposit or 30 Account, you can order directly on your account online. Please email: marketing@prinro.co.za or call Christo: 07322365255 to link your account. 

    Orders via Reps: Order directly from one of our representatives.

    Grant (Langebaan): 065 870 2625

    Justine (Langebaan): 065 867 0796

    Robert (Sales Manager): 083 655 5855

    Stan (Vredenburg): 082 875 2015

    Phillip (Vredenburg and outlying): 082 326 8771

    Rehetta (Vredenburg): 0815064013

    Eric (Velddrif): 083 655 5856

    Wikus (Velddrif): 081 750 2427

    Nikita (Velddrif): 068 519 6751

    Essential Categories for CIPC registered, essential service provider customers: 

    • Plumbing supplies 
    • Electrical supplies 
    • Roof sheeting 
    • Waterproofing products 
    • Any other critical repair items 

    Essential retail products for instore or online ordering (ONLY FOR REGISTERED CIPC ESSENTIAL CUSTOMERS!!)

    • Sanitizers 
    • PPE clothing and essential PPE items 
    • Household cleaning items 
    • Electrical globes/bulbs 
    • Parrafin 
    • Batteries 
    • Emergency lights 


    Link for legislation


    Link for Covid 19 registering for an CIPC certificate (essential service provider business)


    Link for Covid 19 Small business support


    Link for COVID 19 general support contact